Monday, April 28, 2014


photographer: John Balzola


JamTheCat said...

Madre a Dios! I need to put him in one of my books!!!!!

JiEL said...

Mon Dieu!

I need to put him in my BED....!!!


MAC said...

YIKES! I need a translator!

Steve said...

Jam, God love him, has the Spanish expression wrong. It's "Madre de Dios," meaning "Mother of God," i.e., the Virgin Mary, in the Catholic tradition; a common vain expression.

"Madre a Dios," without an accent mark on "a," means "Mother has God." With the accent mark, it's "Mother at God." Neither one of those makes any sense.

All that aside, Jose is one fine-looking Spaniard.

Jiel's "Mon Dieu" -- "my God" -- is similarly the French version of taking the name of the Lord in vain, more or less.

All that aside, Jose is one fine-looking Spaniard.

JiEL said...

Dear Sreve,

Saying "mon Dieu" isn't taking the name of God in vain when use in French.

"Mon Dieu" is more like «My goodness» meaning.

When we «sware» or take Lord's name in vain we more say like «Christ» or «Tabernacle» or «Ciboire» etc.. Those are bad French Canadian swaring in common language.

It's not always good to translate word to word because you have to take in consideration the cultural aspect of the words that are put together...

As in French we say:"J'ai un CHAT dans la gorge.." You say:" I have a FROG in the troath.."
In French it's a CAT....

Take care..


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