Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yummy of the Day 7/9/2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Spear said...

Not getting aroused here.

JiEL said...

Grey hair isn't always a sign of mature or aging men..

I had one of my friend in College (19yo) that had already salt and pepper hair.

My brother in law is 51 yo and has some grey hair more than me.
I'm 64yo and I have ALL my hair with rare grey ones.
As a matter of fact, they are so rare that they aren't really visible.

My dad died last year at 88yo and did have few more grey hair than me.

So, it's not an age indicator here...

PS, Even many young man are getting bald early in age too...

Ron said...

A lean, well-muscled, hairy torso like that, when coupled with a handsome face like this man has, is always arousing.

Hot guys pictures said...

A hot silver fox! Reminds me of Eros Ramazzotti but sexier. This daddy right here could totally get it. So fit! :)

JamTheCat said...

Done deal...he's in...

Steve said...

The color of hair is not important. The strong, super-lean body is. Loving this man.